👋 I’m Adrienne (she/her), a Senior Software Engineer living in the Seattle area, currently working on building and designing distributed systems using PHP, MySQL, and Kafka, having also worked previously in Python, Django, Flask, and PostgreSQL. You can find an archive of things I’ve written in the past about things I’ve built or thoughts on careers, but most of my writing energy these days goes towards thoughts on ecology and communities.

I’m also a farmer and beekeeper, serve on the board of Friends of the Farms, and can often be found reading books, knitting and sewing, or learning about the plants growing on my land.

I love building and being a part of communities that build each other up and work together to build great things. Feel free to reach out for support, to collaborate, or to chat about what I’ve been working on, be that farming or technology or knitting - I’d love to connect!